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Public address siren horn speaker_SPH-420S



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MODEL:  Public address siren horn speaker_SPH-420S

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SPH-420S is a small volume,high power alarm speaker with ferrite magnet. The alarm speaker has compact structure, high output sound pressure,strong penetrating power,high reliability.Suitable for  outdoor place with high ingress protection requirements.Widely used in various vehicles, ships and other emergency alarms.The speaker has mounting bracket,installation and configuration requirements are also available upon clients' request.Any color is possible.


Rated Input:                             30W

Rated Impedance:                 8 ohm

Frequence Response:          1K - 10000 Hz (   -20dB)

Sensitivity(1W / M):               105dB (at 3000 Hz)

Colour:                                      Black

Net Weight:                             Kgs

Dimension:                           98(D) *63 (H) mm

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