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Single magnet driver unit_YSU-50B



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MODEL: Single magnet driver unit_YSU-50B

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YSU-50B ,this PA driver unit fitted with appropriate horn can paly better audio restoration ,can be suitable for the demand of different area broadcasting

the driver unit's sound is clear and has  strong penetrating ,can be rated loaded 50W output ,the body structure is Dia-cast ,painted with high-temperature curing powder coating ,so it has strong ability for anti-corrosion and waterproof


Rated Input:                             50W

Rated Impedance:                 16 ohm 

Frequence Response:          150 - 5000 Hz ( Use TH-500A Horn  -20dB)

Sensitivity(1W / M):               115dB (at 1000 Hz)

Dust/Water Protection:         IP55

Horn Coupling:                       1-3/8 - 18T

Applicable Horns:                  TH-16、TH-20、TH-500A

Polarity:                                   Hot: Black .  Com: White

Net Weight:                             1.8 Kgs

Dimension:                             113(D) *95 (H) mm 


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