Quality Guarantee

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Quality Guarantee

TaiXing YangSheng Electronic
Add: South Park Road, Dasheng Electromechanical Industrial Part, Taixing City, Jiangsu Province, China
Tel: 86-523-87599701/87599702/82363216
Sales Department Tel: 86-523-82363210/82363212/82363213
Fax: 86-523-87596998

Product Advantages
Through our production bases and factories, we can provide customers with quality products meet international standards, and can carry out process monitoring to ensure consistent quality. 
Price advantage
Chinese products in terms of price advantage of a very prominent, we ex-factory sales, the cost of eliminating the middle to help customers get more reasonable prices and more profit.
Sales advantage
We understand the global market, has been, and North America and Europe, South Asia, 20 countries and regions to establish extensive cooperation. We have more than 30 chemical and domestic enterprises to establish a long-term relationship, forming a huge production, procurement systems.
Service Advantage
Our highly skilled team can provide professional, efficient, comprehensive, efficient service; give customers more peace of mind, rest assured.

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