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Wall-mounted column speaker-BS-2030WA


BS-2030WA adopted 5 inch woofer and 1 inch tweeter which make the speaker with full sound quality .  It is widely used in all kinds of music backrground .The external plastic box is manufactured by engineering plastics,

the aluminum panel is  corrosion resisting after powder-coating treatment.The speakers are built- in transformer which can be both with 100V /70V and low impedance 8 ohm  input .The speaker is fitted with switch for adjust, and "U" shape mounting bracket can adjust the direction of sound radiation.


Rated Input:                                          30W (Built in 100V SwitchTransformer)
Rated   Impedance:                                                  100V(330-670-1K-2K-3.3K) / 70V(670-1K-2K-3.3K)
Frequence   Response:                                 150 - 20000   Hz (   -20dB)
Sensitivity(1W /   M):                                       91dB 

Colour:                                                            White / Black

Polarity:                                                         Hot: Black .    Com: White

Net Weight:                                                   
Dimension:                                                  164(W)*237(H)*179(D)mm 

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