TAI XING YANGSHENG ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of PA speaker system products with decades of researching and manufacturing experience. Primary products are paging horn speaker, industry specialized speaker, siren speaker, wall speaker as well as in-ceiling speaker etc. Professional products are conformed to CE and are exported to clients in Europe, America, Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia.


Comapny Advantages

Product Advantages
Through our production bases and factories, we can provide customers with......

Technical Service

We can supply all kinds of production advises, and solve the problem in production process. Our goal......


PA-Horns mainly include mental horns and plastic horns, covering all kinds of models, such as RAH-6K, RAH-8T, RAH-10K, RAH-30A, RAH-1052, SPH-1550(T) etc.

PA-Horns Driver

PA-Horns Drivers mainly include phonemic diaphragm driver and titanium driver, covering BKU series, TSU series and so on.


Titanium Driver

Titanium Driver mainly include PAH-2502N, TSCT-72R, TSCT-51R, PAH-2504N, TSCT-4404, TSCT-89N and so on.

PA-Column Speaker

PA-Column Speakers mainly include CS-520 530 540 560WC, CS-510 520 530 540WF, CS-510 520 530 540WA, CS-310 320 330 340WF and CS-212 212WP 220 220WP.

PA-Ceiling Speaker

PA-Ceiling Speakers mainly include CL-5W, CL-6W, CL-10W, CL-8A, CL-12W, and CL-15W.

PA-Wall Speaker

PA-Wall Speakers mainly include BS-1030W, BS-2030B, BS-3020T, BS-3040T, and BS-3050T.


Accessories mainly include TR-2230-100W, TR-1925-50W, TR-1625- 40W, TR-1625-30W, TR-1625-30W-2, TR-1625-30W-1 and so on.


BOGEN OEM SHOW mainly include CSD1X2 VR, CSD2X2 VR, S86 S810, SM1EZ SM4T, SPH-15A and so on.

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